Are Adidas Ultra Boost Vegan?

Yes, Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are indeed vegan-friendly. These highly popular running shoes are free from any animal-derived materials, making them suitable for individuals following a vegan lifestyle or those who prefer cruelty-free products.

What Makes Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes Vegan?

The vegan nature of Adidas Ultra Boost shoes can be attributed to various factors:

  • Upper Material: The upper part of these shoes is typically made from Primeknit or other synthetic materials. Primeknit is a flexible and breathable fabric that provides a comfortable fit without the use of any animal products.
  • No Leather or Animal-Based Products: Adidas Ultra Boost shoes do not contain leather or any other materials derived from animals, such as suede or fur. The absence of these components ensures that the shoes are suitable for vegans.
  • Synthetic Cushioning: The cushioning in the Adidas Ultra Boost shoes is made from synthetic materials like Boost foam. This innovative cushioning technology offers excellent energy return and responsiveness, without the need for animal-derived materials.

By using vegan-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, Adidas ensures that all individuals, including vegans, can enjoy the comfort and performance benefits of Ultra Boost shoes.

Other Vegan Options from Adidas

Besides Ultra Boost, Adidas offers a wide range of vegan footwear options for athletes and casual wear:

  1. Adidas Stan Smith Vegan: The popular Stan Smith sneakers are available in a vegan version. These iconic shoes feature an animal-friendly upper made from synthetic materials.
  2. Adidas NMD_R1: The NMD_R1 series includes vegan options with uppers made from Primeknit or other synthetic materials. These sneakers blend style and comfort for everyday wear.
  3. Adidas Continental 80 Vegan: The classic Continental 80 sneakers are also available in a vegan-friendly version. They feature synthetic uppers and provide a retro-inspired look.
  4. Adidas Superstar Vegan: The legendary Superstar sneakers have a vegan variant as well. These iconic shoes are loved for their timeless design and now come with synthetic leather uppers.
  5. Adidas Pureboost DPR: The Pureboost DPR collection offers vegan options, featuring synthetic uppers and responsive cushioning. These shoes are designed for urban running and provide a comfortable fit.

Adidas understands the growing demand for vegan products, and their commitment to offering a wide range of animal-friendly footwear options continues to expand.

Vegan Adidas Ultra Boost Alternatives

If you’re specifically interested in vegan running shoes similar to the Adidas Ultra Boost, here are some alternatives worth considering:

NikeNike Free RN FlyknitFlyknit upper, responsive cushioning
New BalanceNew Balance FuelCell RebelLightweight, synthetic upper, cushioned
BrooksBrooks Levitate 3Responsive cushioning, synthetic upper
PumaPuma Speed 600 FusefitFusefit upper, cushioned, lightweight
Under ArmourUnder Armour HOVR Sonic 3HOVR cushioning, synthetic upper

These options provide similar features and comfort to the Adidas Ultra Boost, ensuring a vegan-friendly choice without compromising on performance.


Adidas Ultra Boost shoes, along with numerous other models from Adidas, are vegan-friendly. The use of synthetic materials throughout the construction of these shoes ensures they are suitable for vegans. With the growing demand for cruelty-free products, Adidas continues to offer a diverse range of animal-friendly footwear options for both athletes and casual wearers.