Are Adidas Vegan Friendly?

Adidas is a widely recognized brand known for its sports footwear and apparel. Many individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle are concerned about the materials used in the production of these products. In this article, we will explore whether Adidas is vegan friendly, examining their manufacturing processes, materials, and practices.

Materials Used in Adidas Products

Adidas uses a variety of materials in the production of their products. While some of these materials are derived from animals, such as leather or suede, Adidas also incorporates synthetic and plant-based alternatives. Here are some common materials used in Adidas products:

  • Leather: Adidas does use leather in some of their products. However, they also offer a significant range of non-leather options.
  • Synthetic Leather: To cater to vegan customers, Adidas utilizes synthetic leather alternatives, such as polyurethane. These materials provide a similar look and feel to genuine leather without using animal products.
  • Textile: Adidas frequently employs textile materials, including canvas, woven fabrics, and polyester, which are considered vegan-friendly.
  • Recycled Materials: Adidas demonstrates a commitment to sustainability by utilizing recycled materials in their products. These materials can include vegan-friendly options like recycled polyester or fibers made from ocean plastic.
  • Natural Materials: Adidas also incorporates natural materials such as cotton or rubber in their products which are generally vegan-friendly.

It’s essential to note that while Adidas offers a range of vegan-friendly materials, some collections or specific products may still include animal-derived materials. Therefore, it is recommended to check the individual product descriptions or contact Adidas customer service for clarification.

Adidas’ Animal Welfare Policies

Adidas recognizes the significance of animal welfare and has implemented policies aimed at ensuring ethical practices throughout their supply chain. They have adopted the Animal Welfare Policy, which establishes guidelines for the treatment of animals involved in their operations. Key aspects of this policy include:

  1. Banning Fur: Adidas does not use fur in any of their products. This commitment extends to sourcing fur from suppliers as well.
  2. No Animal Testing: Adidas strictly prohibits animal testing in the development and production of their products. They adhere to alternative testing methods recognized by regulatory authorities.
  3. Sustainable Leather Sourcing: When using leather, Adidas requires suppliers to comply with animal welfare regulations and traceability standards to ensure responsible sourcing.

These policies demonstrate Adidas’ commitment to promoting animal welfare and reducing their impact on animals in their supply chain.

Adidas’ Sustainability Efforts

In addition to their animal welfare policies, Adidas actively focuses on sustainability in their practices. This commitment extends to their vegan-friendly offerings. Here are some sustainability initiatives within Adidas:

  • Primegreen: Adidas introduced the Primegreen initiative, which prioritizes the use of recycled and sustainable materials to reduce their reliance on virgin plastics.
  • Vegan Partnerships: Adidas actively collaborates with sustainability-focused organizations, designers, and athletes to promote vegan alternatives and sustainable practices.
  • Carbon Neutral Goals: Adidas has set ambitious targets to reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral in their own operations and supply chain by 2050.

Through these efforts, Adidas aims to offer vegan-friendly options while aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Adidas’ Vegan Collections

In response to the growing demand for vegan-friendly products, Adidas has launched dedicated vegan collections. These collections focus solely on animal-free materials while maintaining the brand’s style and performance. Here are some of Adidas’ notable vegan collections:

Adidas by Stella McCartneyThis collaboration emphasizes sustainable and vegan materials, offering a range of athletic wear and footwear.
Adidas Originals ZXThe ZX series includes vegan versions of their iconic sneakers, showcasing Adidas’ commitment to catering to vegan consumers.
Adidas UltraBOOSTSome versions of the popular UltraBOOST line are available in vegan options, combining performance and vegan-friendly materials.

These vegan collections highlight Adidas’ dedication to providing stylish and sustainable options for individuals following a vegan lifestyle.


Are Adidas vegan friendly? The answer is a resounding yes. Adidas offers a wide range of vegan-friendly products, including those made with synthetic leather, textile, and recycled materials. Their commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, and specialized vegan collections demonstrates an understanding of the needs and preferences of vegan consumers. It’s important to note that while the majority of their products are vegan friendly, it’s always advisable to review individual product details or consult Adidas directly, particularly for specific collections or limited editions.

Whether you’re an athlete, fashion enthusiast, or individual looking for cruelty-free and sustainable options, Adidas provides a variety of choices that align with your vegan values.