Is Romesh Ranganathan Vegan?

Yes, Romesh Ranganathan is indeed vegan. He has made a conscious choice to adopt a vegan lifestyle and follows a plant-based diet, excluding all animal products from his meals.

Why Did Romesh Ranganathan Choose a Vegan Lifestyle?

Ranganathan decided to become vegan for a variety of reasons. Here are some factors that influenced his decision:

  • Animal Welfare: Ranganathan strongly believes in treating animals with kindness and compassion. By adopting a vegan lifestyle, he avoids contributing to the exploitation and suffering of animals in the food industry.
  • Environmental Impact: Concerned about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, Ranganathan decided to reduce his carbon footprint by eliminating animal products from his diet. Animal agriculture is known to be a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water pollution.
  • Health Benefits: Ranganathan recognizes the potential health benefits of a plant-based diet. Veganism allows him to enjoy a varied and nutrient-rich diet, which can help prevent certain chronic diseases and promote overall well-being.

Romesh Ranganathan’s Favorite Vegan Recipes

Ranganathan, being a well-known comedian and television personality, often shares his favorite vegan recipes with his audience. Here are a few of his go-to dishes:

  1. Chickpea Curry: A delicious and hearty curry made with protein-rich chickpeas, fragrant spices, and fresh vegetables.
  2. Vegan Pizza: Ranganathan enjoys his pizza with a variety of plant-based toppings, including mushrooms, olives, peppers, and vegan cheese.
  3. Quinoa Salad: He often prepares a refreshing quinoa salad mixed with juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and tangy dressing.

These are just a few examples of the diverse and delicious vegan meals that Ranganathan incorporates into his diet.

The Challenges and Benefits of Veganism

Veganism comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. Let’s take a closer look:


  • Meal Planning: Following a vegan diet requires careful meal planning to ensure adequate nutrient intake.
  • Social Situations: Eating out or attending social events may present challenges in finding suitable vegan options.
  • Nutrient Considerations: Vegans need to pay attention to consuming enough protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Improved Health: A well-balanced vegan diet can provide numerous health benefits, such as reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer.
  • Compassionate Lifestyle: Veganism aligns with the principles of compassion and respect for animals.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Choosing a plant-based diet supports sustainable food production and reduces the environmental impact of agriculture.

Vegan Influencers Ranganathan Admires

In addition to being a vegan himself, Ranganathan also admires and follows the work of various vegan influencers. Here are some individuals he finds inspiring:

Simone ReyesAnimal rights activist and media personality, known for promoting veganism.
James AspeyAustralian activist who promotes veganism through public speaking and social media.
Earthling EdAdvocate for animal rights and a well-known figure in the vegan community.

Ranganathan finds these individuals inspirational as they actively contribute to raising awareness about veganism and its many benefits.

Closing Thoughts

Romesh Ranganathan has embraced veganism as a conscious choice aligning with his values of compassion, environmental sustainability, and personal health. Through his own lifestyle and by sharing his favorite vegan recipes, he encourages others to consider the positive impact of a plant-based diet. Ranganathan’s dedication to veganism serves as an inspiration to those who are interested in exploring a cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and healthy way of living.