Are Swizzels Double Lollies Vegan?

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, lollipops are a go-to choice for many. But if you follow a vegan lifestyle or have dietary restrictions, you might wonder if Swizzels Double Lollies meet your requirements. In this article, we delve into the vegan status of Swizzels Double Lollies and provide you with all the information you need.

The Vegan Status of Swizzels Double Lollies

Swizzels Double Lollies are classic and well-loved lollipops that have been enjoyed by generations. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for those following a strict vegan diet. The reason lies in the ingredients used in their production.

Here are the main ingredients found in Swizzels Double Lollies:

  • Sugar
  • Glucose Syrup
  • Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Stearic Acid
  • Modified Starch
  • Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Carbonate)
  • Flavourings
  • Colours (Anthocyanins, Copper Chlorophyllin, Curcumin, Lutein)

Unfortunately, some of these ingredients raise concerns for those following a vegan lifestyle. The main issues lie in the potential use of animal-derived substances in flavorings and the colors used. While the specific sources are not disclosed, they may include animal by-products.

Suitable Alternatives for Vegans

If you’re a vegan or looking for vegan-friendly lollipops, there are alternative options that cater to your dietary needs. Here are some delicious vegan lollipop alternatives:

  • Chupa Chups: Chupa Chups offers a wide range of vegan lollipops in various flavors.
  • YumEarth Organic Pops: YumEarth provides organic vegan lollipops made with natural ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors.
  • Sweet & Sara Smores Lollipops: If you’re a fan of s’mores, these vegan lollipops are perfect for you. They capture the delicious taste of marshmallow and chocolate in a lollipop format.

Understanding Vegan Labeling

When navigating the world of vegan products, it’s essential to understand the terminology used on labels. Here are common terms you might encounter:

  1. Vegan: Products labeled vegan do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products and are suitable for vegan consumption.
  2. Vegetarian: Vegetarian products do not contain meat, fish, or poultry but may still include animal by-products like dairy or eggs.
  3. Plant-based: Plant-based products prioritize ingredients derived from plants but may not have the same strict exclusion of animal-derived ingredients as vegan products.
  4. May contain traces of: This statement is often found on labels to inform consumers of potential cross-contamination with allergenic substances, including those of animal origin.

It’s important to read product labels carefully and understand the ingredients list to make informed choices as a vegan consumer.


In conclusion, Swizzels Double Lollies are not considered vegan-friendly due to certain ingredients potentially derived from animals. However, there are plenty of alternatives available for those following a vegan lifestyle. Make sure to check ingredient lists and look for products explicitly labeled as vegan to enjoy lollipops without compromising your dietary choices.